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NYC Thunderdogs

Regular Season 2021

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2021 Gold Glove Winners Announced

08/10/2021, 11:45am EDT

On Tuesday, the league announced the recipients for the 2021 Gold Glove awards!

These players were some of the best and brightest defensive talents we had in our league this year.

Congrats to all of the following winners!


C: Mike Calamari (Bears)

P: Joe Mandile (Tigers)

1B: Andrew Leray (T-Dogs)

2B: Anthony Gigante (Tigers)

3B: Ranssel Pinedo (T-Dogs)

SS: Darian Almonte (Outlaws)

LF: Thomas Parisi (Cyclones)

CF: Nate Estes (Tigers)

RF: Anthony Carnacchio (Finest)

UTIL: Tyler Paulino (T-Dogs)

Finalists for 2021 Awards Announced

08/09/2021, 12:15pm EDT

On Monday, the WRWBL released the list of finalists for the 2021 awards. Three finalists for each award were voted on and selected by the coaches.

Winners will be announced after the championship.

The nominees are below:



Nate Estes (Tigers)

Paul Blejec (Tigers)

Charles Galasso (Cyclones)


Cy Young:

Joe Mandile (Tigers)

Ryan Mordecai (Bears)

Justin Schachter (Cyclones)


Rookie of the Year:

Rob Beyer (Bears)

Josh Alvarado (Bears)

Thomas Parisi (Cylcones)


Manager of the Year:

Joe Mandile (Tigers)

Dennis O'Sullivan (Finest)

George Zeolla (Bears)


Sportsman of the Year:

Dennis O'Sullivan (Finest)

Andrew Leray (T-Dogs)

Travis Thornton (Cyclones)


Comeback Player of the Year:

Lou Gigante (Tigers)

Nomar Disla (Bears)

Matt Maher (Cyclones)

2021 All-Star Selections Announced

08/07/2021, 4:00pm EDT

On Saturday, the WRWBL released the list of All-Star selections for the 2021 season, as voted on by the coaches.

Due to COVID-19 complications and field availability, there will be no All-Star Game event taking place this season. We are looking forward to bringing back the event in 2022.

The full list can be found below:


Catcher: Bobby Garbuio (Tigers)

Catcher: Joe Silvestri (Cyclones)

1B: Robert Beyer (Bears)

1B: Andy Leray (T-Dogs)

2B: Anthony Gigante (Tigers)

2B: Michael Limitone (Bears)

SS: Dante Girardi (Tigers)

SS: Darian Almonte (Outlaws)

3B: Ranssel Pinedo (T-Dogs)

3B: Nomar Disla (Bears)

UTIL: Charlie Galasso (Cyclones)

UTIL: Henley Sanchez (Boldest)

OF: Harold Mejia (Finest)

OF: Nate Estes (Tigers)

OF: Paul Blejec (Tigers)

OF: Donny Castaldo (Cyclones)

OF: Thomas Parisi (Cyclones)

DH: Josh Small (Cyclones)

DH: Paul Demartino (Finest)

DH: Lou Gigante (Tigers)

DH: Liam Kaseta (Cyclones)

SP: Joe Mandile (Tigers)

SP: Ryan Mordecai (Bears)

SP: Josh Alvarado (Bears)

SP: Jon Pollock (Cyclones)

SP: Justin Schachter (Cyclones)

RP: Hector Vargas (Finest)


Congratulations to all of this year's selections!