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2013 Round 1 and 2 Playoff Schedule

07/31/2013, 11:30pm EDT

Below is the Round 1 and Round 2 tentative dates for the 2013 WRWBL Playoffs which will begin Thursday, August 1st.

Round 1 Best of 3
Thursday, August 1st
-Cyclones (8) vs. Patriots (1) at Rumbrook Park 7:15 pm
-Bears (5) vs. Finest (4) at Roberto Clemente 7:30 pm
-Tigers (7) vs. Tides (2) at Peekskill Stadium 8 pm

Friday, August 2nd
**(If Thursday is a rainout, then the home and away for Friday's games btw the Tides/Tigers and Pats/Cyclones will be flipped to give the higher seed the home game in game 1)
-T-Dogs (6) vs. Outlaws (3) at Germonds 7:30 pm
-Tides vs. Tigers at Peekskill Stadium 8 pm
-Patriots vs. Cyclones at Rumbrook Park 7:15 pm

Saturday, August 3rd
-Tigers vs. Tides at Fordham University at 8 pm
-Finest vs. Bears at Stepinac HS 2 pm
-Cyclones vs. Patriots at Mercy College 2 pm
-Outlaws vs. T-Dogs at Ardsley HS 12 pm

Sunday, August 4th (if necessary)
-Cyclones vs. Patriots at Manhattanville College 12 pm
-Tigers vs. Tides at Peekskill Stadium at 4 pm
-Bears vs. Finest at Ardsley HS 12 pm
-T-Dogs vs. Outlaws at Ardsley HS 3:30 pm
**If Thursday rains out, then Round 1 could possibly end on Monday 8/5**

If all series are finished on Sunday, then semi finals (best of 3) will start on Monday, August 5th.  Otherwise, it will start on Tuesday 8/6.
Round 2 Best of 3

Monday, August 5th (Teams TBA)
-Roberto Clemente 7:30 pm
Tuesday, August 6th (Only need two games- Germonds for Outlaws only) 
-Peekskill Stadium 8 pm
-Germonds 7 pm
-Roberto Clemente 7:30pm

Wednesday, August 7th
Day off

Thursday, August 8th (Have 4 fields for only 2 games needed)
-Rumbrook Park 7:15 pm
-Roberto Clemente 7:30 pm
-Germonds 7 pm (Outlaws only)
-Peekskill Stadium 8 pm

Friday, August 9th
Rumbrook Park 7:15 pm
-Possibly additional field if needed

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